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Sugar-Free Kaju Katli with Magicleaf Perfect Sweets - Magicleaf

Sugar-Free Kaju Katli with Magicleaf Perfect Sweets

  1. 200 gms Cashews (2 Cups)
  2. 80 gms Magicleaf Perfect Sweets (3/4th cup)
  3. ยฝ Cup Water
  4. 3 Tablespoons Ghee


Sugar to Magicleaf Perfect Sweets Conversion: ยพ cup sugar substituted with ยพ cup of Magicleaf Perfect Sweets

  1. Add 2 cups (200gms) cashews to a blender to form powder.
  2. In a pan or kadai, add 3/4th cup (80gms) Magicleaf Perfect Sweets & ยฝ cup water.
  3. When the Magicleaf Perfect Sweets dissolves, add cashew powder.
  4. Mix well and make sure no lumps are formed.
  5. After 6-8 minutes, add two tablespoons of ghee.
  6. Cook for more 10-15 minutes until the mixture becomes thick.
  7. Grease a plate and transfer the mixture to it.
  8. Let the mixture cool down to warm or slightly hot.
  9. Take another plate and grease it with ghee.
  10. Transfer the cooled mixture and press down with spatula.
  11. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator to settle down.
  12. Cut it into the desired shape.
  13. Serve the Kaju Katli right away or store in an airtight container.
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