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You asked for it. We delivered it.

You asked for it. We delivered it.

For the first 1 year of our existence, Magicleaf only had 1 single product, 'Magicleaf Stevia Powder.โ€™ย And it was selling like hotcakes!ย It was consistently the #1 Bestseller on Amazon - it still is!ย How? Because we delivered what you asked for - purity.ย It is excellent as a general-purpose sweetener, be it for cooking or for sweetening your cuppa coffee.ย The best part? It is made from 100% Natural Ingredients (unlike most other Stevia Powder and Artificial Sweeteners).

Yet many consumers like you kept asking usโ€ฆย ย Why canโ€™t we have Stevia extract in its purest form? With no bulking agent?ย And it made us think - why not?ย That is when we started working on Stevia Dropsโ€ฆย But with great products comes great challenges.

Challenges like Solubility, Stability, and more than anything else - shelf life.ย It got even more challenging as we promised never to use artificial ingredients or preservatives like Sodium Benzoate.ย 

But we persisted!ย 

And after 6 months of relentless research and development, we started shipping our Stevia Drops to you.ย Made from Water, Natural Stevia Extract, and a hint of Vegetable Glycerin, today our Stevia drops sell as much as our Stevia Powder.ย Our chest swells with pride to know people love having it on their tables in offices and homes to sweeten their favorite beveragesโ€ฆ while they use our Stevia Powder in the kitchen to cook and make their favorite desserts like Kheer and Halwa.ย 

And thatโ€™s what we call a win-win!

And if you too want to order a pack of our Stevia Powder and Drops, you can CLICK HERE

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