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Is your Stevia Sweetener 1% Natural or 100% Natural?

Is your Stevia Sweetener 1% Natural or 100% Natural?

That’s the million dollar health question we are asking. Not sure about how Natural your Stevia is? 

🧐Just flip the pack of your favorite Stevia sweetener and if you find it contains Maltodextrin, Polydextrose, or other cheap fillers… You can easily tell if the ingredients in your Stevia is NATURAL or NOT. 

While the Stevia in your Stevia Powder is natural, the entire Stevia blend might only be 1% Natural😮You might wonder, why would any brand use these harmful ingredients with fatal side effects on something as natural and healthy as Stevia?  🤫 Shhhh, let us tell you a secret. But keep it just between you and us. 

These fillers cost 1/10th of high-quality bulking agents like Insulin Fiber or Erythritol that has Zero Calories, Zero Glycemic Index, is Natural and known to be good for your gut health. We won’t blame you if you choose a cheaper product, but if you want to buy the gold standard in naturally extracted and blended Stevia sweeteners, Go for Magicleaf.🌿

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