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Bitter Stevia or Better Stevia?

Bitter Stevia or Better Stevia?

Isnโ€™t all the Stevia more or less the same, you may ask?ย Well, NO!

There is โ€œBetter Steviaโ€ and then there is โ€œBitter Steviaโ€ - usually imported from China.ย But โ€˜Better Steviaโ€™ costs more than double as much as the other produce.ย And if by any chance you tasted Stevia a few years ago and didnโ€™t agree with its tasteโ€ฆย 

You will be delighted to know that Stevia has come a long way in improving its taste profile.ย And just as different brands of coffee, tea, or chocolate taste radically different, different brands of Stevia too taste different.ย 

Frankly, the whole game is about figuring out which Brand works for you the best.ย But at Magicleaf, the clean taste of our โ€˜Better Steviaโ€™ doesnโ€™t happen by accident.ย It results from a fully integrated production process - from cultivation to extraction to final product - where we leave nothing to chance.ย 

And soโ€ฆย Every time you pick up a Magicleaf product, you are holding a great-tasting and 100% Natural product.

Thatโ€™s our promise!

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