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Why choose Stevia Leaf Drops over Sugar Free Tablets?

Why choose Stevia Leaf Drops over Sugar Free Tablets?

Pure Extracts are the purest form of an ingredient! As opposed to Tablets, these do not contain any chemical additives. Then why do people usually choose 💊Tablets over Liquid (Pure Extract)💧 ?

Ease of carrying and consuming makes tablets a usual choice. However, long term usage of tablets (with chemical additives used as binding agents) might not be great for health.

1. Pure Stevia Extract,
2. Purified Water,
3. Natural Dietary Fibre 
and a few more natural ingredients are used in making Magicleaf's Stevia Leaf Drops Bottle.

Our product development team consciously took this decision to develop a chemical free product while Stevia Tablets were an easy way to reach mass audiences, as the 'tablet form' is already well known than the 'liquid form'.

While Dried Stevia Leaves 🍃 are also available on our website, most people choose a bottle of drops over it as it is easy to use & carry. Customers usually order these Dried Leaves just to feel & experience this magical Meethi Tulsi plant 🌱.

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