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Tastes so good in coffee!

Tastes so good in coffee!

Yeah, we agree!ย If you use our Stevia drops to sweeten your cup of coffeeโ€ฆย The intense flavor of coffee and the Stevia used in our Stevia drops donโ€™t go well together.ย Yet, most consumers love sweetening their cup of coffee with our Stevia Powder Sachets.

Why is it, you might ask?ย ย It's because we use different grades of Stevia in our Stevia Drops and Stevia Powder products, andโ€ฆย 

โ€ฆthey both behave slightly different in different โ€Œfoods.ย Our Stevia drops work brilliantly in tea! But not just tea aloneโ€ฆย Black Tea, Milk Chai, Green Tea, Oolong Tea - whatever your favorite Tea - you can look forward to a great and clean taste when you use Magicleaf Stevia Drops.

Just remember, Stevia does not follow a one size fits all approach.ย It does not differ from a lot of other sweeteners like Honey, Coconut Sugar or Jaggery, which goes well with some foods but donโ€™t seem to agree with some other foods.ย ย It's totally normal.

And so, if you are a coffee lover - try our Stevia Powder Sachets HERE.

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