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Switch to Healthier Sweetness!

Switch to Healthier Sweetness!

People often ask "Will it taste exactly like Sugar?" This is totally understandable because why should it taste like Sugar? When it is not Sugar?ย 

Honey, Jaggery, Coconut Sugar, Palm Sugar and many other natural sweeteners contain more than 50% Sugar and still donโ€™t taste like Sugar.ย Stevia is neither a type of Sugar nor does it contain any Sugar. All the more reason for it to taste nothing like Sugar.ย Hence, letโ€™s agree - Stevia doesnโ€™t taste like Sugar because it is not Sugar!

What it does taste like is - divinely sweet, and It tastes better!ย And not just that, it makes your food taste better.ย 

From 7 days to always

If you are trying it for the first time, give yourself 7 days to develop a taste for it. After the initial 7 days, you will love it forever.ย 
Be it your morning cup of tea, green tea, smoothie, lemonade, Kheer, Sewai, or Gajar ka Halwa.

The right Magicleaf Stevia product will make it taste amazingly sweet! And great tasting!ย So give it a go by ordering your pack of Stevia products today, here.

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