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Is Sugar Really Bad for Healthy Weight Loss?

Is Sugar Really Bad for Healthy Weight Loss?

Are you following a healthy diet, exercising regularly, sleeping well etc. and still struggling to shed off those extra kilos?

Well, there is something that may be ruining your weight-loss journey.

Wonder What?
Ever heard of Leptin? It is the hormone that is responsible for regulating hunger by determining the energy needs of the body. And an excess sugar intake can lead to Leptin Resistance, which may lead to obesity and weight-gain.

Also, youโ€™ll be shocked to know that 1 Kg of Sugar contains as much as 3870 EMPTY CALORIES.
A study from The British Journal of Nutrition suggests that removing sugar from your diet helps reverse leptin resistance and in turn helps in healthy weight loss.

But do you need to compromise on the sweetness of life to loose weight?
Absolutely NOT!
You need to switch to Magicleaf Sweeteners made from Himalayan Stevia (Meethi Tulsi) that has :

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And most importantly it doesnโ€™t have any effect on leptin. Have any query? WhatsApp Us!

Why Magicleaf?

Everything we produce at Magicleaf is made from 100% natural ingredients and zero sugar, zero chemicals, zero artificial ingredients and zero bad stuff. When we make our products, we make sure we & our family can consume it daily. That's our promise.

Check out 100% Natural Stevia Sweeteners made from Stevia Leaves from the Himalayas. . .

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