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Stevia Farming

Made in India Vs Truly Made in India

Today in India, no other phrase holds such sentimental value as much as โ€˜Made In Indiaโ€™ does.ย You may have seen it everywhere from product packages to TV commercials.ย Yet it means different things to different people.ย For the Indian customer, it is the manifestation of a self-sufficient and progressive motherland.
For some marketers it's a trick to swindle Indian consumers by passing off poor quality Chinese products that are repackaged in India.ย But for our IITian, BITSian founders - Swati and Manish, it meant giving up flourishing careers in London and Singapore,ย returning to India and spending 7 years of their lives and savings,ย figuring out how to produce the worldโ€™s finest quality Stevia out of India.ย 

For Swati & Manish โ€˜Made in Indiaโ€™ meant a whole different ideal.ย It meant partnering up with smallholder Indian farmers,ย investing in Indian Science,ย developing their own indigenous technology for organically extracting from the Stevia leafย and bringing truly clean tasting Stevia sweeteners and zero calorie products to every Indian.ย So next time you buy a Magicleaf Product, you are not only getting world class quality at Indian pricesย but also the pride of supporting an Indian venture that is making its own mark globally, while impacting health positively.ย 

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