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Everything You Need to Know About Stevia

Everything You Need to Know About Stevia

Have you ever wondered if there is anything sweeter than sugar?
Something thatโ€™s not processed or refined but totally, naturally herbal.
Thatโ€™s exactly what Stevia is. A plant with extremely sweet leaves, so much so that they are about 300x sweeter than Sugar! Even just 2 leaves of this super plant can sweeten an entire cup of Tea.

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In India, it is popularly called โ€˜Meethi Tulsiโ€™ because of its uncanny resemblance to the Tulsi plant in its height and appearance. The sweetness inherent in the Stevia leaf can be extracted in many forms. It can be extracted in Water or converted into a white powder by removing the green-colored pigment called chlorophyll from the water.

The most extraordinary thing about Stevia is that itโ€™s 100% Natural, has zero calories unlike Sugar and none of the side effects of toxin-loaded artificial sweeteners available in the market.

It is also safe for Children, Pregnant Women and practically everyone in the family. These benefits have made Stevia the most popular sweetener in Japan and Korea. More than 50% of Japanese food products use Stevia, and 40% of their overall sweetener market is Stevia based.

And we decided to bring it to Indian consumer. And the journey began when we unimaginatively decided to call ourselves Magicleaf. The rest is history. Today, Magicleaf is the fastest growing and most popular brand of Stevia and Stevia sweetened products across the country.

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