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What are Bulking Agents? Why Does Stevia Need Bulking Agents? - Magicleaf

What are Bulking Agents? Why Does Stevia Need Bulking Agents?

Bulking agents are nonโ€nutritive substances that are added to foods to increase the bulk, sense of satiety, and also usage. Most of the stevia-based products contain bulking agents to have an overall resemblance to table sugar.

For decades, stevia leaves are used as natural sweeteners. However, today, stevia is consumed in different forms, including table-top sweetener, stevia leaf, liquid stevia, and more across the world. This is because taking stevia in raw form comes with a bitter aftertaste which most people donโ€™t prefer. A bulking agent helps in masking the bitterness of stevia.

Another reason for adding bulking agents is that stevia extracts are 200-300 times sweeter than sugar, and to make it easier for regular use, a bulking agent is used. This is why the Stevia we purchase from the market comes with a bulking agent.

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