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Losing Weight with Magicleaf Stevia

Losing excess weight and maintaining a balanced body figure is in the priority list of almost everyone today.ย 

We all know that our lifestyle pose a huge impact on our body processes. When we eat healthy food, keep a track on the calories consumed, exercise daily, we are able to keep ourselves safe from chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity. On the other hand, if we hardly keep a check on what we eat and we force ourselves into an inactive lifestyle, we might end up calling more diseases that we can bear. An unhealthy diet can call for plenty of problems and weight loss is just one of them.ย 

The main reason for an increased body weight is the fat accumulation. We consume fats either directly or in form of sugar and carbohydrates that eventually add to the fats in the body. Carbohydrates is present in many food items; sugar is the most difficult to handle. The health experts suggest that if you wish to cut down your carbs intake in a day, you must avoid eating sugars. On an average a person consumes 20 teaspoons of sugar daily and imagine the amount of carbs entering the body only to invite problems in the near future.ย 

Experts and researchers have been testing various artificial sweeteners that have been used by people who want to reduce the sugar intake without sacrificing the taste. However, these artificial sweeteners are considered harmful in case of a prolonged usage. For years, scientists kept searching for a natural sugar substitute and very recently a plant called Stevia is recognized as one. Although the world has understood the benefits of Stevia over other sugar substitutes now, the South American countries such as Brazil are already using stevia as a natural sweetener for centuries.ย 

How is Stevia extracted and processed?ย 

Stevia is a sugar alternative extracted from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. The sweet taste of the stevia comes from the steviol glycoside molecules. These molecules are 200-300 times sweeter than sugar. Thus, a very little amount of stevia is sufficient to cover our daily sugar intake.ย 

The journey of the best quality stevia extracts starts from the best quality stevia leaf. Smallholder farmers in foothills and foot plains of Himalayas and mother nature work all year long to grow the sweet leaf with magical sweetness. These leaves are then dried, and their sweet compounds extracted with a unique organic extraction process without the use of any chemicals or bleaching agents!ย 

These superior quality high purity Stevia extracts are then blended with other natural ingredients imported from US, Israel, EU, and India to create a truly extraordinary zero calorie sweetener that you can use to sweeten any and all recipes!

Magicleaf Stevia

Brands are working to make stevia sweeteners and to make sweeteners, the glycoside should be extracted from the leaves. We have created Magicleaf Keto following a step by step process to make your weight loss journey a little sweeter.ย 

The stevia extracts are difficult to be used directly to your food items. We mixed stevia extracts with natural bulking agents that neither have any added carbohydrates or calories. Magicleaf Keto can be easily substituted for your sugar cubes. Our product does not contain any chemicals like other sweeteners contain.ย 

Magic Leaf Keto is an all-natural calorie sweetener without the presence of any usable carbs. One tablet contains plenty of antioxidants with zero carbs, zero glycemic index and zero calories. Our product is created with a bulking agent called erythritol, which is a natural bulking agent with only 0.2 K Cal/gm making Magicleaf Keto completely calorie free.ย 

Gone are the days when your keto diet had to be difficult and bland. With Magicleaf Keto, you can reduce weight without compromising on your taste. It is time to change your lifestyle, embrace the change for an improved well-being.ย 

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