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Magicleaf & Diabetes

Undoubtedly, diabetes is on a high rise all across the world. The dull and inactive lifestyle, wrong food habits, lack of required nutrition intake leads us to the vicious circle of chronic illnesses, and diabetes is one of them. Imagine you are diagnosed with diabetes and the doctor has told you to keep a check on your sugar level. Now that you do not wish to skip your soulful sweet meals, you would hunt for a sugar substitute. Search the market and you will be able to stack plenty of artificial sweeteners to help you. These sweeteners are good, FDA has approved them as well, but with a cautious nod. Regular usage, in the long run, will call for other problems in your body.ย 

Besides these artificial sweeteners, there is one natural substitute for sugar known as Stevia. People diagnosed with diabetes know that a healthy diet is extremely important for them. They need to choosy in picking up the right food, include a physical regimen to their daily schedule in order to keep the body under normal weight. Picking the right foods can help them a long way. Although the usage of Stevia is quite new to the Indians, the South Americans have been using Stevia extracts as a substitute for their sugar for centuries. Today, Stevia is the only natural substitute for sugar, found all over the world, and is prized for the honor.ย 

Stevia is a great substitute for sugar due to the presence of compounds called steviol glycosides, which are 150-300 times sweeter than sugar. Stevia does not have any nutritive value of itself and thus, it does not add any calories to your body. Hence, it is a zero-calorie product.ย 

The American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) have approved the use of stevia and similar sweeteners to curb the spread of diabetes. However, the individuals need to use these carefully and do not compensate for the sugar level by adding extra calories in other meals.ย 

How do you use Stevia?ย 

Brands are working to bring sweeteners created out of Stevia so that they can be consumed as any other artificial sweetener. Magicleaf Stevia is one such brand aimed at reducing the blood sugar levels carefully and conveniently. At Magicleaf Stevia, we have embraced the power of nature to let it heal your diabetic condition. Our Stevia is grown in farms and not created in any Industrial tanks. The entire ingredients in our Magicleaf Stevia including the bulking agents are natural that come from a GMO plant source. Our product is minimally processed so that the integrity of the original enzyme is maintained.ย 

Consuming Magicleaf Stevia regularly in place of sugar can offer you the following benefits:ย 

  • It has antioxidant properties to fight diseases.ย 
  • It helps you control your blood sugar level during fasting and non-fasting meals.ย 
  • One interesting benefit of Magicleaf Stevia is that it will keep you satiated and you will be contended after finishing your meal.
  • It will help you curb your unnecessary desire to add extra calories in a day.ย 
  • It also helps to reduce cholesterol levels.ย 

With Magicleaf Stevia at hand, you will never have to keep your favorite dishes at bay. Enjoy your tea, coffee and other beverages with a magical twist of Magicleaf Stevia. Time to say yes to good health with Magicleaf Stevia.

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