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How Is White Stevia Powder Made From Green Stevia Leaves? - Magicleaf

How Is White Stevia Powder Made From Green Stevia Leaves?

Stevia is a plant which is naturally 20-30 times sweeter than sugar. The sweetness in stevia leaves comes from compounds called steviol glycosides. However, when you consume stevia leaves directly, you not only get a sweet taste but also other herbal compounds. To counter this, sweet compounds from stevia leaves are extracted to get great taste. Once the process of extraction is completed, we get a white-coloured stevia extract.

Dried green leaves are extracted through hot water. After this, using a series of filtration steps, pigments and other impurities are removed, yielding a white-coloured stevia extract upon recrystallization from the solution. 

The process of extraction of stevia leaves to make white Stevia powder is completely organic and no chemicals are used in the extraction process. 

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