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Be Proud to Choose The Best

Be Proud to Choose The Best

People often told us, โ€˜You guys have chosen a truly hard problem to solveโ€™...

When we began working on Stevia back in late 2014 even before it was approved as a food ingredient by FSSAI in India.ย In fact, it takes about 3 months to launch an online brand today, yet it took us almost 7 years to develop the experience and knowledge to craft truly great-tasting Stevia-based products.

It is widely believed that it takes of any kind.ย But we surpassed the widely acclaimed 10,000+ hours of dedication to master a skill or craft - in just the first 2 years of beginning our journey.ย You see, just as Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, or Vanilla, Stevia too is a natural product.ย And like any natural product, there can be a remarkable difference in quality and taste depending upon the origin, plant variety, time, and method of harvesting and processing.ย 

There are simply so many variables that need to be standardized!ย Today, many of our products are patented innovationsโ€ฆWe are a team of people obsessed with producing and delivering the worldโ€™s best quality Stevia-based products to Indian consumers.ย Every single day we grow more masterful in our craft. Only to serve you better.

Why not give us a try? - CLICK HEREย to check our stevia-based products.

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