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Stevia based products that aid in weight loss

6 Stevia Based Products That Can Help Speed Up Your Weight Loss By Cutting Down Extra Calories

How Sugar Causes Weight Gain

Added sugar has become an invisible problem in our society. Itโ€™s impact on health however is clearly visible in the form of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. There are other health issues associated with sugar but for the sake of this article letโ€™s focus on obesity.

Added sugars like fructose, corn syrup, cane sugar, and agave are used for adding sweetness to a range ofย  food and beverages, like desserts, tea, coffee and soft drinks. Calories from these sugars are empty calories and do not contribute any other nutrients to your body like protein, vitamins and minerals.

1 tsp of sugar contains 16 calories. 1 tsp generally sweetens one cup of tea/coffee. Now if you consume say 60 cups in a month then you are consuming 960 extra empty calories a month. Most of the sweet foods and beverages are also high in calories. Together with sugar calories, regularly indulging in them will lead to gain in excess body fat quicker.

You must also know that consuming sugar leads to a spike in blood sugar levels. Enjoying a sweet sugar-based snack once in a while is not an issue but in our world today, a lot of us are exposed to large amounts of sugar in their diet.

Consuming large quantities of sugar can lead to chronically elevated blood sugar levels and eventually to a state called hyperglycemia, which causes harm to your body and also weight gain. Hyperglycemia results in insulin resistance and because of it, while the cells in your body become resistant to insulin for regulating blood sugar, they remain responsive to insulinโ€™s role in fat storage.

Because of this insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels are associated with increased body-fat especially in the belly area.

A phenomenon known as selective insulin resistance.

Another way sugar causes weight gain is by replacing healthier food from your diet, excess sugar is also known to induce artificial hunger making you overeat and high sugar foods are generally observed to be less filling.

Save thousands of calories and lose weight with all natural Stevia based sweeteners

Stevia was first consumed some 1500 years ago by the indigenous people of South America and in the modern world, Japan is at the forefront of consuming Stevia based sweeteners. They started using it commercially in the 1970โ€™s and now Stevia is used to sweeten 40% of their food products in the country.

Brands have also taken note and giants like Coca-Cola are also sweetening their products with Stevia in Japan. Stevia is considered safe in over 130 countries, including India.

Zero Calorie Stevia based sweeteners have a Zero Glycemic Index and donโ€™t spike your blood sugar levels. They are all natural and donโ€™t contain harmful chemicals like Sucralose, Aspartame, Maltitol and Maltodextrin found in artificial sweeteners.

One of the most trusted stevia brands is Magicleaf and they have some of the most innovative and 100% Natural stevia based products.

Below are 6 Stevia based products that are a great pick for diabetics, people who want to lose weight and for the people who want to start living a No-Sugar lifestyle.


Magicleaf Stevia Leaf Liquid Drops
Stevia liquid drops

A single 30 ml bottle of Stevia leaf liquid drops can sweeten up to 200 cups of tea. These drops can be taken with Masala chai, Green tea, Kadha, Smoothies, Lemonade and Juices. Stevia leaf drops are 100% safe for diabetic patients, pregnant women and children. It is also keto friendly. Stevia leaf is the only sweetener in nature with zero calorie, zero sugar and zero glycemic index. This product includes 100% natural ingredients such as pure Stevia leaf extract, purified water, vegetable glycerin and natural dietary fibers. By using a bottle of this liquid drop, you can avoid upto 4,000 sugar calories!


Magicleaf Stevia Powder
Magicleaf Stevia Powder

Stevia powder can be used with Milk, coffee, Turmeric milk, Kheer, Halwa, Sherbet and more. Only 2 gm (half teaspoon) of Stevia powder is sufficient to sweeten a cup of coffee. Each gram of Stevia powder is totally sugar free. As Stevia products do not affect the blood sugar level, they are totally safe for diabetics and elderly people. You will experience a new taste of herbal sweetness by adding Stevia powder in your food. It will also enhance the taste of other ingredients added in your recipe. The ingredients of Stevia powder are Stevia leaf extract, levulose, natural dietary fibers, natural silica and erythritol. Stevia is the only green substance that is truly natural and can claim to be zero sugar. A 250gms pack of Stevia powder will help you avoid upto 1900 calories.


Magicleaf Stevia Powder Sachets
Stevia Powder Sachets

Stevia sachets come in small-sized packets same as sugar sachets you have seen in cafes. These sachets consist of the same ingredients as that of Stevia powder with added natural flavors for your taste buds. One sachet of Stevia leaf powder is equal to one teaspoon of sugar which means a single sachet is enough to sweeten up your coffee or tea. These herbal sachets come with zero preservatives. With no trace of artificial sweeteners in the packets. Stevia sachets are fresh tasting sweeteners with no ill effects. With a box of Stevia powder sachets you can avoid upto 1935 calories.


Magicleaf Stevia Dried Leaves
Magicleaf Stevia Dried Leaves

Stevia dried leaves can be used as a natural sugar substitute for your sweet beverages. You can boil 4-5 dried leaves per cup while preparing tea or coffee. These leaves can also be boiled separately in water to make a sweet decoction which can be then used in adding sweetness to your beverages. The dried leaves of Stevia can also be used in salads and smoothies. These sundried leaves are safe and healthy for everyone in your family.ย  Stevia leaves are rich in antioxidants and help in building immunity. It also has antiviral and antimicrobial properties. A 100gms pack of Stevia Dried Leaves will help you avoid upto 3870 calories.ย 


Magicleaf Perfect Sweetsย 
Magicleaf Stevia Based sweetener for making Indian mithai

Perfect sweets is a Stevia based product, used in the preparation of Indian sweets (mithai). This 1:1 sugar substitute is made with 100% natural ingredients - Stevia leaf extract, chicory root extracts, erythritol, dietary fibers and natural flavors. With the richness of natural plant fibers, this product is healthy for your gut bacteria too. A 400 gm of this product is sufficient to prepare 1.25 kg of mithai. With no adverse effect on blood sugar level, it is totally healthy for diabetic patients. The product isย  heat stable and tastes exactly like sugar, specially created for Indian fondness of traditional sweets. A 400gms pack will help you avoid upto 3096 calories.


Magicleaf Perfect Bakes
Magicleaf Stevia Based Sweetener For Baking

Perfect Bakes is a Stevia based product, used for baking. This 1:1 sugar substitute is made with 100% natural ingredients - Stevia leaf extract, chicory root extracts, erythritol, dietary fibers and natural flavors. With the richness of natural plant fibers, this product is healthy for your gut bacteria too. A 400 gram pack is sufficient to make 2 Cakes of 500-600 gram each. An 800 gram pack makes 5 cakes of 500 gram each. The product is heat stable and is designed for chef worthy taste. Perfect texture, fluffiness and taste performance that you need in your cakes and muffins. A 400gms pack will help you avoid upto 3096 calories.


There are other natural sugar substitutes in the market like jaggery and honey but they contain calories and also have a high glycemic index number which makes it unfit for diabetics. Therefore Stevia with its zero calorie, zero glycemic index promise is an ideal & safe choice.

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