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Perfect Bakes - Cake Sweetener Powder | Prepare Sugarfree Cakes (400g Jar)


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1:1 Zero Calorie Sugar Replacement To Bake Your Cakes With Perfect Texture & Fluffiness

🌿 Contains 100% Natural Ingredients
🏃🏻‍♀️ 3,096 Sugar Calories avoided per month every time you replace Sugar with a pack of Magicleaf Super Zero Perfect Bakes (400 gms)
⛰️ Made from the "clean tasting" Himalayan Stevia Leaves : The King Of All Sweeteners

Product Usage Guideline:
Consume within 30 days after opening.


For fudgy brownies & cookies, try our Magicleaf Super Zero Perfect Sweets (400 gms)


If you were looking for a Natural Sugar Substitute for Baking then your hunt ends here

How to use Super Zero Perfect Bakes By Magicleaf?

Just like sugar. Yes! 1 cup of Magicleaf Perfect Bakes is equal to 1 cup of sugar. Just in sweetness and texture though. Not in calories and a jump in blood sugar level.

Please keep in mind however that you cannot make a syrup with Perfect Bakes.

A 400 gram pack is sufficient to make 2 Cakes of 500-600 gram each. An 800 gram pack makes 5 cakes of 500 gram each.

    This Baking Sweetener is made with 100% Natural Ingredients -

    • Chicory Root Extract (Inulin) - (0 calories)
    • Dietary Fibers - (0 calories)
    • Stevia Leaf Extracts - (0 calories)
    • Erythritol - (0 calories)
    • Contains Natural flavors - (0 calories)

    100% Natural: Perfect Bakes is rich in Natural Plant Fibers which are good for your good gut bacteria, unlike sugar that negatively affects your good gut bacteria and has no artificial ingredients or additives. Not a single artificial compound (like Sucralose, Aspartame, Maltodextrin, Polydextrose, Sorbitol or Saccharin) is used. No 'Nature Identical' or 'Artificial Flavors'. Only 100% natural goodness.

    No Chemicals or GMO Ingredients Used: From stevia farming to extraction of the sweetness from the stevia leaves, we use only organic processes. This makes Magicleaf a completely safe Sugar substitute.

    4 Reasons To Try Magicleaf Perfect Bakes Blend For Baking:

    1. Designed For Chef Worthy Taste: Perfect texture, fluffiness and taste performance that you need in your cakes and muffins.
    2. Does not impact blood sugar level: (Zero Calories, Zero Glycemic Index).100% safe for people with Diabetes.
    3. Easy to use: Use the same quantity as regular Sugar (cup for cup replacement)
    4. No Bitter Aftertaste: These are the 4 factors which gives Magicleaf Perfect Bakes Blend no bitter aftertaste:
    • Our proprietary plant variety
    • Our organic extraction process
    • Our process which uses zero chemicals
    • Our unique precision blending technology of mixing Stevia with the bulking agent

    What can we make with Super Zero Stevia Perfect Bakes By Magicleaf

    Perfect Bakes can be used basically where you need a fluffy texture. It gives the right level of texture and fluffiness to your cakes similar to what you would get with equal quantities of sugar. It can be used in any type of cakes and cupcakes and also in sweets where you don't need a fudgy or dense texture. Like mysore pak etc.

    A healthy zero sugar Stevia based baking sweetener safe for everyone

    • Safe For Diabetics
    • Safe For Children
    • Safe For Pregnant women
    • and Safe For those on low-calorie diets

    Perfect Bakes by Magicleaf is a healthy alternative sweetener made from Natural Stevia Sugar that is fit for baking and also keto friendly. Make your cake and eat it too without the guilt.

    Magicleaf Perfect Bakes is a clean tasting, zero-calorie, Stevia-based sweetener that contains the goodness of natural plant fibers and has absolutely zero artificial ingredients, artificial sweeteners or additives.

    Specially created for baking, Perfect Bakes is heat stable and fit for use in recipes for cakes, muffins , etc.

    It bakes, measures and tastes just like sugar but minus the calories and carbs associated with it. It suits the Indian taste buds perfectly.

    Why is stevia special and why do we use it in our products?

    Stevia leaf extract is 300 times sweeter than sugar but it has zero calories.

    Stevia Leaf is the only sweetener found in nature that is 300 times sweeter than Sugar.

    On top of that it has a zero glycemic index. That means every gram of it that goes in your body goes out without affecting your blood sugar level while maintaining the sweet taste of your food and beverages.

    Stevia is a natural sugar substitute. Let's see how it compares to other alternative natural sweeteners in the market.

    Alternative Natural Sweetener

    Calories Per 100gms

    Glycemic Index

    Effect on Blood Sugar

    Super Zero Stevia Perfect Bakes By Magicleaf




    Coconut sugar








    Agave nectar or agave syrup




    Fruit concentrates




    Maple syrup




















    Sweet potato syrup




    So Stevia remains sweet but does not spike your blood sugar level because of its zero glycemic index and also does not add empty sugar calories as its zero calorie and sugar free.

    Our Meethi Tulsi (Stevia Leaves) Are Grown Ii The Majestic Himalayas

    The Stevia sugar in this pack is extracted from the Himalayan Stevia Leaves. Planted at the foothills of Himalayas overlooking the majestic mountains. The quality of your final Stevia Leaf Extract depends largely on where it was grown.

    The Art And Science Of Stevia Leaf Cultivation

    Carefully planted in early winters, our Indian farmers grow the delicate stevia plant with special attention to the growth of its leaves. It takes about 90 days for the leaves to reach the highest amount of sweetness.

    Only leaves that have reached the correct maturity are hand picked and used to extract the sweetness to match with our strict quality standards.

    Magicleaf “Perfect Bakes” is a Professional Sweetener Designed For The Health Conscious Baker in You or For Your Health Conscious Customers If You Are a Baker

    Like we mentioned, it Bakes, Measures and Tastes like Sugar. Is completely heat stable and can be used in a wide range of recipes like Cakes, Pastries, Cookies etc.

    Himalayan Stevia Leaf : The King Of All Sweeteners

    All the Sugar replacements you get in the market are made from chemical based artificial sweeteners. You may have heard or read of ingredients like Sucralose, Aspartame, Maltitol and a dozen others. They are harmful for your health.

    Others that are available in the market as natural alternatives to sugar like Honey, Date Syrup, Coconut Sugar, Jaggery are prone to adulteration or are still full of Sugar and copious amounts of calories.

    Stevia Leaf (Meethi Tulsi) is the only sweetener in nature that is truly zero calorie, has zero glycemic index and zero side effects. It is the only substance that is truly green (natural) and can claim to be sugar free. No Sugar is not just a label but a fact in Stevia’s case and that’s why it's known as the King Of All Sweeteners.

    With so many benefits, place your order for experiencing Stevia now.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Difference between Perfect Bakes and Perfect Sweets?

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    Both have similar ingredients, only the composition is different. Perfect sweets is used in making sweets where we need binding like laddoo, burfi, brownies, cookies etc. and perfect bakes is used where we need a fluffy texture like in cakes.

    Can we use Perfect Bakes to make frostings and buttercream?

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    Yes you can. Only make sure that you blend the sweetener into a fine powder before using it, so that it mixes and dissolves properly.

    Why do cookies and brownies I make with Perfect Bakes remain soft and do not have the fudgy and crunchy feel?

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    If you are trying to make a fudgy or crunchy cookie, Perfect Sweets will be better suited. This is because Perfect Bakes is designed to deliver a fluffy texture while Perfect Sweets is designed to bind.

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