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VitaUp Vitamin Water Sachet by Magicleaf- Immunity Booster - Vitamin C


100% Naturally Sourced Vitamin C | Sweetened With Zero Calorie Stevia Leaf (Meethi Tulsi)

🌿 Contains 100% Natural Ingredients
🏃🏻‍♀️Each Sachet Contains 100mg of Vitamin C as per Recommended Dietary Allowance(RDA) suggested by NIH (USA)

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How To Use VitaUp

Just tear a sachet, in a glass of water and stir - to prepare an instant vitamin water drink in less than 10 seconds!

Your daily essential dose of Vitamin C in a fun tasty avatar

  • Vitamin C boosts immunity & skin health
  • 100 mg (100% RDA) of Vitamin C in every sachet
  • Zero Calories. No Sugar. Naturally Sweetened with Stevia
  • Natural Flavor. No artificial additives, flavors or preservatives
  • Refreshing sweet & tangy taste. Just add water.

74% Indians Are Deficient In Vitamin C

3 Reasons To Start Using VitaUp Today!

100% RDA Vitamin C in Each Sachet

Vitamin C is essential for your immunity and skin health. Vitamin C helps enhance cytokine production by white blood cells. Cytokines are proteins which are responsible for body's immune response. Vitamin C also lowers the risk severity and duration of viral infections like Common Cold, Flu and COVID by improving the activity of natural killer cells and lymphocyte expansion.

Easy to Use, Easy to Carry

Each Sachet of VitaUp has more Vitamin C than 4 lemons or 2 full oranges. Consuming 4 lemons or 2 full oranges on a daily basis is neither practical nor convenient. Instead just turn your plain water into vitamin water in 10 seconds with VitaUp. Just slip a few sachets in your gymbag or office bag and you will never worry about sourcing for lemons and oranges.

No Sugar, No Calories, No Chemicals

Vitamin C tablets, chewies and concentrates are either full of Sugar or nasty binders and chemicals like Maltodextrin, Polyvinyl Pyrrolidine, Carboxymethycellulose that can do more harm than good to your health. Unlike other Sugarfree products, VitaUp is sweetened with Stevia and does not contain artificial sweeteners like Sucralose, Aspartame or Acesulphame.

Ingredients: VitaUp Is Made Of The Following

  1. Vitamin C - 100 mg (Natural Source)
  2. Stevia Extract (Natural Sweetener)
  3. Erythritol (Natural Carrier)
  4. Lemon Lime/Orange (Natural Fruit Powder)
  5. Citric Acid (Acidity Regulator)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much Vitamin C is in one sachet?

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Each Sachet contains 100mg of Vitamin C.

How Many Sachets are in one Box?

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A single box of VitaUp has 30 Sachets

When & How should I consume my Daily Dose of Vitamin C?

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Drink it in a glass of water when you wake up, add it to your water bottle when you're at the gym, add it to your smoothies, or simply mix it with your water when you're thirsty.

One sachet per day is enough to help you get the Recommended Dietary Allowance of Vitamin C as suggested by NIH

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