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How to Include the Right Vitamin C Supplement in Your Diet? - Magicleaf

How to Include the Right Vitamin C Supplement in Your Diet?

Look around, and you will see the myriad health benefits ofย vitamin Cย being propounded everywhere. While doctors and medical journals have espoused the importance of vitamin C for fighting nasty cold and cough infections for ages, their advice has gained additional significance in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.ย 

Given its critical role in both COVID-19 prevention and recovery, a fresh debate has broken out aboutย vitamin C benefitsย and how it can be consumed for maximum effectiveness.ย 

However, before we answer that, letโ€™s dive deeper into its importance for your daily health.ย 

Why Do You Need Vitamin C?

While we all know that vitamin C significantly enhances and boosts your immunity; however, thatโ€™s not all that itโ€™s good for.ย 

Studies have shown that there are several crucial benefits ofย vitamin C for skinย as it significantlyย boosts collagen formationย and also plays a central role in promoting healthy skin growth. In fact, studies have also linked vitamin C deficiency to poor skin health, dullness and slower wound healing as well.ย 

Apart from being great for your hair and skin, vitamin C also improves the bodyโ€™s metabolism and is even beneficial for your heart as it helps lower your cholesterol levels and keeps the blood vessels elastic. Now, arenโ€™t you delighted that we decided to look further into vitamin C?

Why Do You Need to Take Vitamin C Daily?

When we talk about taking a vitamin C supplement, finding the correct dosage matters as our bodies are capable of absorbing only a limited amount of nutrients per day.ย 

So, you simply canโ€™t just load up on all your vitamins in one day and think that you are good to go. The body absorbs its requisite share of nutrients daily and what remains is simply eliminated via the urinary stream.ย 

Theย RDAย or recommended dietary allowance forย vitamin C is 100 mg per personย and thatโ€™s all the amount your body can organically absorb on any given day.ย 

As vitamin C is a water-soluble compound, it gets easily dissolved and therefore, any excess amount in your system gets eliminated much faster. As a result, you need to make sure that your body gets the requisite amount of vitamin C that it needs day after day.ย 

The Challenges of Adding Vitamin C To Your Diet

Practically speaking, it is not feasible to eat a lemon, orange, Indian gooseberry or other vitamin C foods every day or at least, any time of the day. No matter how much we try to make sure that we include vitamin C foods in our daily diet, we often fall short of getting the requisite daily amount due to the hectic demands of everyday living and our inability to resist more tempting, not necessarily healthy foods.ย 

If we talk were to talk about the various vitamin C tablets available in the market, the same holds true. You may buy a strip and promise yourself to chew it diligently every day, but more often than not, the tablets lie forgotten in your medicine box or drawer.ย ย 

Additionally, theseย vitamin c tabletsย are also not as good for you as they are advertised to be. Many of them combine the ascorbic acid powder with chemical binding agents to form solid pills or capsules.ย 

On the other hand, the more popularย vitamin C supplements also contain artificial colours and flavours that do enhance the taste but result in more chemicals entering your body unnecessarily.ย 

Another critical factor to keep in mind while takingย vitamin C supplements is to carefully read the instructions written on the bottle or pack for proper consumption. You should not crush or chew anything that is meant to be slowly sucked or mix any supplement in water that is meant to be slowly dissolved in your stomach.ย 

A key aspect to keep in mind while choosing aย vitamin C supplementย is that many commercial tablets in the market also containย titanium dioxide. A non-nutritive chemical,ย titanium dioxideย is most commonly used in paint, cosmetics, paper, and sunscreen and does not have any nutritional value but can be found in many tablets and supplements as it is used as a whitening agent.ย 

Apart from containing strong chemicals, manyย vitamin C supplements also containย high quantities of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Consequently, you either increase your daily sugar intake unknowingly or end up with even more chemicals in your body.ย 

So, while it is important to consume vitamin C daily, it is equally important to make sure that you get your nutrients from the right source.


Why Go For Magicleaf VitaUp Vitamin C Sachets?

Not all supplements are made equal, letโ€™s explore why.

At Magicleaf, our aim is to help India embrace the #nosugarlifestyle, one healthy Indian at a time. After achieving unprecedented success with Magicleaf Stevia, we start exploring other ways in which we could help people eliminate sugar from their lives.ย 

We observed that in the aftermath of the COVID-19 campaign, there was an increased demand for natural supplements and herbal remedies that helped people boost their immunity naturally. While the market was flooded with several new launches and reinvented products, many of them were not as safe or healthy as they claimed to be.ย 

A primary concern that arose was the presence of added sugars or artificial sweeteners in many of theย vitamin C supplements that had flooded the market and were being blindly consumed by the panicked masses.ย 

Thatโ€™s why we decided to create VitaUp Vitamin Water Sachets, to offer consumers a zero-sugar and zero-calorieย vitamin c supplementย that they can take on the go.ย 

We choose to go with powder sachets as we wanted to avoid using any unnecessary chemicals or artificial binding agents. Additionally, as per WebMD, it is far easier for our body to break down and absorb vitamins in their liquid form than it is to break them down in their solid form.ย 

This is exactly what makes Magicleaf VitaUp Vitamin Sachets such a safe and effective option for getting your dailyย recommended vitamin C intake. Available in two great flavours; Tangy Orange (packs the power of 2 oranges in one sachet) andย Zesty Lemon & Limeย (packs the power of 4 lemons in one sachet), our VitaUp sachets offer you both great taste and your daily dose of vitamin C without any added sugars or calories. What could be better?

So, whether youโ€™re at the gym, office, home or on the go, just add a sachet of VitaUp to a glass of water and instantly enjoy a refreshing and tastyย vitamin c waterย drink in less than 10 seconds. VitaUp is great for everyone in the family including children and any elderly people watching their blood sugar levels. These easy to carry sachets also ensure that you never miss your daily boost of immunity.

Click To Order Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C Nowย 

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