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Glucose now has Zero Calories!

Glucose now has Zero Calories!

Many zero calorie sweetener brands wants you to believe this lie.ย Why else would it contain Dextrose (another name for Glucose), Polydextrose, Maltodextrin, or similar ingredientsย that have 4 calories per gram and a glycemic index of 100 (same as glucose) in theseย so-called โ€˜Zero Calorie Sweetenerโ€™?ย 

Huh? What?
Unbelievable, isnโ€™t it?ย Well, labeling Glucose as Zero Calories is nothing but a trick, a regulatory loophole, if we may.ย Where any food product that has less than 5 calories per serving can technically be labeled as Zero Calories.

While this regulatory guideline is actually logical & reasonable because 5 calories is a negligible amount compared to our daily calorie intake.ย But most zero-calorie sweeteners have exploited this loophole to add glucose and worse artificial ingredients to your low-calorie diet.ย 

And we all know that we donโ€™t just use a gram when cooking, or baking, or making our desserts.ย Making all those added calories heap up!ย Butโ€ฆthatโ€™s life, yeah? Donโ€™t we all have to accept it anyway?ย Well, NO. Thereโ€™s an alternative.ย If you are looking for a high-quality zero-calorie sweetener brand that doesnโ€™t cut corners, and only uses 100% Natural and Safe ingredients, look no further.ย CLICK HEREย to Try Magicleaf.ย 

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