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Super Zero Keto Sweetener by Magicleaf® (500 gm | 250 Servings) with 99.9% REB-A Purity | Zero Carb | 100% Sugar Free Powder Made From Natural Stevia Leaf


Made From The Himalayan Stevia Leaf | The King Of All Sweeteners

🌿 Contains 100% Natural Ingredients
🏃🏻‍♀️ 9,675 Sugar Calories avoided per month every time you replace Sugar with a pack of Magicleaf Super Zero Keto Sweetener (500 gms)

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✅ 30 Days Money Back Taste Guarantee : Love It Or Get Your


💧 Use 1 gram of Magicleaf Keto Sweetener to sweeten one cup of tea
🥄 1 gram of Magicleaf Keto Sweetener = 1 teaspoon of Sugar
📦 One packet can sweeten upto 500 cups of tea

Why Magicleaf Super Zero Keto Sweetener

  • 100% Natural Zero Calorie Stevia Based Sweetener
  • Specially designed for weight loss diets like Keto
  • Suitable for Tea/Coffee, Cooking & Baking
  • 2 times sweeter than Sugar
  • Great taste guaranteed. No bitter notes or aftertaste


With high quality stevia leaves & proprietary extraction technology we ensure your stevia does not have a bitter after taste, unlike other brands. Try Magic Leaf Keto Sweetener once and you will know for yourself.


Magicleaf is a 100% natural sweetener made from high quality stevia. No artificial ingredients. Safe to be used by diabetics, pregnant women, as well as kids.


Stevia is the most recommended Zero Calorie sugar replacement by dietitians & doctors for diabetic patients, keto routine & health conscious people.


Stevia also has anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties. It also helps build immunity.


Stevia powder has same stirring, heating & dissolving properties like sugar which ensure you can cook using Stevia as well, unlike other zero calorie alternatives
Magicleaf Keto is a proprietary sweetener blend made from the following 3 ingredients: Natural Stevia Extract, Erythritol, and Natural Flavors. While Stevia extracts provide sweetness, Erythritol provides the necessary bulk. And Natural Flavors make the overall formulation better tasting.

Magicleaf Keto is 2 times sweeter than Sugar and we have cataloged 100s of Keto-friendly recipes in Magicleaf Kitchen to help take the guesswork out of Sugar substitution and enjoy perfect results every single time. We firmly believe that Magicleaf Keto is the best tasting sweetener out there. So much so, that we offer a 7-day unconditional money refund guarantee with every sale.

Per Serving (2 gm) Calories are less than 0.4 and Magicleaf is hence classified as a Zero Calorie Sweetener. The trivial amount of carbs mentioned on the label come from Erythritol (2 carbs per gm) which is not broken down in our body for energy (hence contributing no calories). Erythritol unlike other polyols is very well tolerated by our body and there are no laxative effects like other Polyols.

Magicleaf Keto is the perfect complement to your Keto diet and will accelerate your fitness journey. The all-natural composition is safer than any other low-calorie sweetener out there.

If you have more questions on your mind about the product or its usage, please refer to FAQs or simply contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s inside Magicleaf Keto?

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Magicleaf Keto contains 3 natural ingredients: Stevia Leaf Extract, Erythritol and Natural Flavors.

What is erythritol and why does Magicleaf Keto contain erythritol?

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Naturally found erythritol is a sugar alcohol made from simple sugars derived from plant starches. It looks and tastes like table sugar, though it is about 30% less sweet. It was discovered in 1848 by Scotsman John Stenhouse. Erythritol is the largest ingredient in Magicleaf Keto by weight and is used as an ingredient to provide bulk and the sugar-like crystalline appearance and texture. Fermentation is the process by which an organism metabolizes or “digests” one or more food sources to produce a desired product. Fermentation occurs naturally in a variety of different foods given the right conditions and is used to produce wine, beer and yogurt. In the case of erythritol, a natural yeast digests the simple sugars such as dextrose and other nutrients and produces erythritol. After fermentation, the erythritol is filtered and dried into crystals. Erythritol is small; found naturally in a variety of fruits, such as grapes and pears, as well as in mushrooms, and certain fermented foods such as soy sauce and wine.

How many calories per serving does Magicleaf Keto have?

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Magicleaf Keto contains 0.4 calories per serving (2 gms) from Erythritol and 0 Calories from the Stevia Leaf Extract. Both stevia leaf extract and erythritol have zero glycemic index and do not throw your body out of ketosis.

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