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Tastes so good in coffee!

Tastes so good in coffee!

Yeah, we agree! If you use our Stevia drops to sweeten your cup of coffee… The intense flavor of coffee and the Stevia used in our Stevia drops don’t go well together. Yet, most consumers love sweetening their cup of coffee with our Stevia Powder Sachets.

Why is it, you might ask?  It's because we use different grades of Stevia in our Stevia Drops and Stevia Powder products, and… 

…they both behave slightly different in different ‌foods. Our Stevia drops work brilliantly in tea! But not just tea alone… Black Tea, Milk Chai, Green Tea, Oolong Tea - whatever your favorite Tea - you can look forward to a great and clean taste when you use Magicleaf Stevia Drops.

Just remember, Stevia does not follow a one size fits all approach. It does not differ from a lot of other sweeteners like Honey, Coconut Sugar or Jaggery, which goes well with some foods but don’t seem to agree with some other foods.  It's totally normal.

And so, if you are a coffee lover - try our Stevia Powder Sachets HERE.

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